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While filming Beneath the Surface on the Greek island of Crete this summer, I had the chance to use the ewa-marine U-BXP underwater housing bag for my Canon 5D Mark III. It was my first time using a DSLR underwater, and with the ewa-marine it was quite a steep learning curve. It is easy enough to get the camera in place inside the bag.

Freddy - From our latest production, Beneath the Surface which will premiere at the Kendal Mountain Festival this year! #GoPro

The housing has two foam pads that come with it to allow the camera to sit on them, having the two 1KG weights between those two pads on the bottom worked really well and still allowed the camera to sit properly. To take the housing underwater it needs to be filled with air by using the mouthpiece on the side. To then make sure the housing can be submerged and taken underwater it needs to be weighted.


After a bit of trial and error, I found that having two 2KG diving weights on the straps under the housing and two 1KG inside the housing balanced the weight well, (6KG in total), this ended up being the perfect weight for the housing. I did find that the deeper I went the heavier the housing became, because of the pressure, less air is left inside and so the weight becomes noticeable. Before placing the camera inside the housing, all the settings you are going to be using need to be set up, as it is difficult to manually change the settings once submerged.


I found keeping the ISO on auto, for the change of light that occurs when descending and ascending, is the most efficient way of dealing with the changing light. Also as there is no way of manually focusing while underwater, so keeping the auto focus on and using the auto focus button seemed the best way. When set up and finally underwater, the housing works quite well. Moving around with it isn’t too much of a struggle even with the dive weights hanging below. The record button and auto focus button is easy enough to use and makes life easy when filming. When filming, panning and moving forward and backwards isn’t too difficult, but when is comes to tilting, it is almost impossible to get a decent tilt. The air, which sits in the top of the housing, makes it difficult to tilt the camera up and down, so the movement you can produce with the housing is limited.

The ewa-marine is perfect, being priced at around £300, for underwater photography and some filming, but with the design limiting movement and overall camera use underwater, it isn’t quite right for professional film making.

by Harrison Duff

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